Why have over-ear headphones become a thing?

Most of us have a preference for either headphones or earphones, but these are based either on comfort or sound quality. But, there are many other criteria that should be considered while shopping for an earphone or headphone, like health. Yes, these devices can easily damage our hearing capabilities and even cause hearing loss in some cases.

Why should you go for over-ear headphones rather than in-ear ones?

In general, over-ear headphones do not pose a risk themselves; the risk lies in the volume and the amount of time you spend listening to music, the risk is exactly the same when you are listening to music using speaker stands and brackets. While both earphones and headphones present the risk of high decibel levels, earphones are likely to cause more damage.

Since earphones sit right inside your ear, they naturally increase the volume by about nine decibels. On the other hand, headphones sit on the outside of the ear, therefore there is less amplification. This is the reason why most doctors recommend headphones rather than earphones.
Additionally, earbuds and earphones do not block out background noise. So naturally, most of us will amplify the volume up to unsafe levels. There are also a lot of cheap earphones with uneven levels or distorted sounds that will lead us to increase the volume too high levels.

Over-ear headphones are very comfortable and come with a large amount of padding, which provides a better fit by positioning perfectly over the entirety of your ears. Full-sized headphones provide great bass, noise isolation, and better sound clarity as well.

Specialty features

Apart from the general and medical factors, there are a few other features that are included in over-ear headphones like:

1. Noise cancellation

Noise cancelling headphones sample the noise and sound around you and play its inverted version of the sound in your ears, thereby cancelling the incoming noise around you. While it is very effective, these units can be on the expensive side, which you will have to keep in mind if you want to purchase noise cancellation headphones. For these types of headphones, you will need some batteries. It is best if you buy full-size headphones because they will give you the best noise cancellation.

2. Noise isolation

This term is often confused with noise cancellation headphones. Noise isolation headphones block out a majority of the noise by creating a seal in and around your ears. This physical seal keeps the music in and around your ears and unwanted sounds out. Of course, they are not as effective as noise cancellation headphones, but are cheaper and do not require batteries.

3. Wireless

Wireless headphones do not have wires and let you roam around cable-free. Most of these wireless headsets are fitted with Bluetooth capabilities. They not only eliminate the hassle of wires but they also allow you to skip, pause, or play music right from your headphones. This type of headphone is mostly used by people who love to exercise since there are no wires to get tangled up.

The rise in the popularity of headphones

In 1981, the new Sony Walkman allowed people to withdraw in their own private musical worlds. At that time, the role of the headphone was changing very radically, right from homely use to the public arena. Wearing headphones became cool when portable music arrived. For the next three decades, there were not many changes in the scenario of headphones. They were just used to listen to music.
The rise in the popularity of headphones started in 2012 when there was a chain of tech events, like the smartphone war when Apple’s iPhone 5 went head-on with Samsung’s Apple killer, the Galaxy S3, when Sweden-based music app, Spotify, entered the markets of the USA, etc. At that time, more and more people were buying smartphones but did not want to wear white earphones.
This gave an idea to headphone brands, like Skullcandy and Beats, to trumpet it as a fashion trend. These companies leaped into the limelight and saw skyrocketing numbers in terms of revenue. Earlier, headphones were seen more as an object just for listening to music, except by music producers and audiophiles who were willing to throw in money for high-ended ones.
GQ declared in mid-2011 that the high-styled headphone, which is not a fashion accessory at all, makes as much statement as anything else that you are wearing. All these events led to a 32% revenue spike in the retail headphone industry in 2012 and raised the market to $1.37 billion. Beats, one of the pioneering headphone companies, saw an annual growth of 8.4% in the past five years.

According to many analysts, headphones became something desirable and essential in the terms of accessories that you would want to own, like a tablet or smartphone. Thanks to this upsurge, headphones improved in the terms of engineering and design over the course of time. Today, low-costing headphones give customers a lot more than what they used to previously.
Today, people do not have to settle for earphones and earbuds that are fitted with covers that will eventually die with a few weeks’ use. Today, even the cheaper headphone models are fitted with shiny features, like adjustable cords, in-built microphones, rubber gel pads, etc.
Industrialists and manufacturers have also gained by the sudden upsurge of the headphone market. Once they were just limited to selling at local electronic stores. But now, with the emergence of online shopping sites, kiosks, and retailers, they can now sell their wares more easily to the masses. There are several airports that offer headphones to weary travelers when they need them.

Final thoughts

In the end, headphones are way safer for our ears than earbuds or earphones, since headphones effectively cancel out noise from the outside and we can listen to our music at a normal volume level. Headphones also offer superior and better sound quality than earphones. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that headphones rest on the out ear and do not seal the auditory surface, unlike earphones that are meant to enter the ear, leading to partial deafness in the long run.

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Fireplaces : This old school technique will never go out of fashion!

A fireplace is an open hearth for holding a fire at the base of a chimney. Kettles and steamers are great fireplace accessories, coming in an array of colours and styles that can solve the problem of cold in the winter instantly that will add character to your hearth area. Adding humidity back to the air in your home is as simple as filling a wood stove kettle up with water and placing it on your stove while you are burning a fire.

Fireplaces provide in the winter irresistible warmth and insulation, they are also objects of aesthetic beauty in our homes if properly positioned in the right and perfect places. Whenever we envision fireplace in our homes, we mostly think it as the centre and source of warmth for the household, an area where every member of the family comes together, converses, and feels at home. Most often, to keep up with aesthetic requirements and needs, the fireplace is in the centre of the living room because it is an inviting and endearing space and makes it easy and better to invite a family member, friend or guest inside then a warm fireplace providing a warm welcome. Flues & Fires Fireplaces provide stunning design, that brings warmth to your home.

Interestingly, Fireplaces come in various styles to suit different structures of living rooms. One of which include linear fireplaces, this type of fireplace has the type of design that adds sophistication and elegance to the house particularly the living room. Their slim and sleek look renders them suitable to be built in an accent wall, arranged as some double-sided fireplace. linear fireplaces can not only fit in living rooms, but also in bedrooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms.

They are not necessary for kitchens since there is already warmth from the cooking gases and others.

Furthermore, Fireplaces are adorable and favourite amenities that most household owners consider a plus in their homes or people searching for a new home consider an indispensable souvenir. Apart from the fact that fireplaces are considered as ‘creature comforts’ by most, fireplaces add an extra touch of architectural vitality and vibe to a house interiorly and exteriorly, there are other benefits to having a desirable fireplace in your homes. One of which includes the multipurpose ability to offer fire for cooking as the fire warms your home saving money on your utility bills in the process.
In conclusion, one cannot resist the comfortable feeling that fireplaces offer, the kind of cozy warmth that you can only get from a fire. Whichever form fireplaces come, whether a wood stove or an open hearth, you can watch the fire dancing as the outside cold melts away. Fireplaces offer a cheerful place, which naturally will call for a fun time with family during leisure to read a good book or enjoy countless other favourite indoor activities and games. Fireplaces also provide light in addition to warmth in cases where the worst kind of winter storms hit and electricity is knocked out hence offering one the luxury of not waiting for the utility company to restore the light.

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The Mirror Lights of Our Time

Mirror Lights are unique products which add a new dimension to your simple mirror in a bedroom or bathroom. The Mirror lights are an excellent tool to infuse a modern and fresh perspective to your room without getting the complete interiors makeover done. It is a practical solution when you require safety as well as lightening spectrum when your shave or go for make-up application. Everyone is aware of how crucial is to look best and perfect when you leave your home. One might say the mirror lights used to be an old fashion accessory but, after understanding the benefits and the miracles they do you will consider to put them in your modern home as well. The modern and elegant floor lamps can be used to give task lighting for activities such as reading on a sofa.

Different Types of Mirror Lights

There are mainly three types of Mirror Lights style available in the markets. We will take a look at the three styles of Mirror Lights.

1. Sharp Bathroom Style Mirror Lights – These styles of lights are perfect for your mirrors in bathrooms. One needs to have sharp and clear light in their bathroom. Imagine men shaving in their bathrooms is a daily job that they must do before going out of their home. If they don’t get adequate and proper lightening when they look into the mirror they might get cuts and bruises on their face. It should not happen so, to stop it the Sharp Bathroom style mirror lights are ideal to have in one’s bathroom.

2. Simple Relaxing Style Mirror Lights – These styles of mirror lights add perfect ambience to soothing effect you get when you relax in a hot tub in your bathrooms. Even if you have a decorative mirror in your living rooms a soft and relaxing style lights above them will create a clam effect when you relax in your living spaces. Contemporary style bathrooms or living spaces mirrors are perfect for Simple Relaxing Style Mirror Lights.

3. Glamorous Style Mirror Lights – Every women or girl loves to sit in front of the mirror and put on the make-up or dress up for office or special events in their life. Glamorous Style mirror lights are perfect for your dressing table mirror, or for your dressing area where you want extra lightening effect along with clarity to add to your dressing area mirror.

You must be wondering when you shop for mirror lights what you should look and how to pick the correct type of mirror lights. Here we would show you some tips to look for when you go shopping for mirror lights.

Things to look for in a Mirror Light

Contemporary Style – If you have old heritage style house then go for the mirror lights with classy looks to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, bedroom or dressing area. Where in people who have a modern-style house, there is contemporary-style mirror lights collection available to add a contemporary look to your modern homes.

Environment-Friendly – Be sure when you purchase lightening products they should be eco-friendly. It helps to lower the cost of electricity expenses and get long lasting mirror lights for your use.

Value for Money – There are huge varieties of an economical range of mirror lights available in markets. The mirror lights suit every type of pocket as they are great value for your money.

High-end Style – If you love specially designed exclusive decorative mirror lights, there are a stylish high-end range of mirror lights in the markets to decorate your mirrors.

Mirror Lights Trend in Melbourne Australia

You may find many homes of Melbourne who have varieties of mirror lights in them. Melbourne being a fast city, people there still decorate their mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms with different types of mirror lights. If you have ever visited a lightening showroom or searched over the internet, you may find thousands of options to fit every style of mirror. Mirror lights can fit over your mirrors, or fit from left to right of a mirror. They enhance the features of a mirror and gives you the perfect power of lightning you require. You might see ten set of globe lights around a mirror in the markets which are multi-style mirror lights. You also get spotlight mirror lights which enhance the light effect on your mirror by throwing a strong beam of light. In Melbourne people, some people opt for old style thin wall tube mirror lights which fix in the wall over the mirror.

Price Range of Mirror Lights

Mirror lights as we have discussed before comes in an exclusive collection as well simple style range to match every household requirement. You may get a set of mirror lights starting from Aud$20.00 to set over your mirror. The maximum price range the mirror lights goes up to is Aud$850.00. It is your choice to go in for a medium range, high range, or lowest price range to match your budget. Top style mirror lights are cheaper than the lights which decorate the left to right side of mirrors.

The Popularity of Mirror lights in Melbourne Australia

Many sleek styles designed mirror lights enhance the beauty of every type of bathrooms in Melbourne. People find them very useful and want the mirror lights to include in their home decorations. The mirror lights form an integral part when it comes to adding a new perspective to your room, bathroom, and living area. The correct type of mirror light not only helps you in your daily chores but adds a dimension of lightening effect to your space and mirror. You may come across many stores in Melbourne which offer different types of mirror lights to meet your requirements. The benefits of mirror lights have empowered them with huge popularity and a necessary aspect of every home.

Hope the article gives you immense knowledge about Mirror lights and their usefulness in your home. Next time, you go for shopping or plan to add some new decoration in your bathroom, dressing area or be it a living space do gaze upon latest collection of mirror lights at a store near you or scroll over the net for them.

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