Contemporary in most of the countries has reduced individuals’ opportunities to expand energy, whether in moving from one place to another or at home. Peoples are so busy in their day-to-day activities. They don’t have enough time for exercise or spending time on their body. It is usually seen that most of the people avoid doing any physical activity or exertion in their daily life. They prefer elevator instead of stair case.

They prefer motorbike instead of walking. As a matter of fact, regular physical activity or exercise helps in preventing obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some type of cancer, constipation, depression and other health threats. Moderate physical activity or exercise should be performed at least six days a week and at least 60 minutes per day. Doing even a little bit of exercise is much better than none at all.

The individual who devote only 10 minutes at a time to physical exercise may reap significant benefits, especially if the exercise is vigorous one. Walking is a simple but effective exercise that most of the persons enjoy. The different types of exercise deals with different problem.

Follow These points to stay fit when you have busy schedule:


Drink glass of plain water first thing in the morning. If you don’t have time for lemon water or curry leaves water, at least switch your normal cup of tea with green tea. It has antioxidants which are good for the body and also help burnt fat. Have some dates and a few nuts- almonds or walnuts mixed with seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin or flax seeds. Don’t skip breakfast. If you don’t have time to have both fruit and protein in the morning you can have the fruit and nuts as a mid-morning snacks.


Spend just 10-15 minutes on a workout to ensure overall fitness. Do a combination of cardiovascular exercise (skipping, spot jogging or jumps), with some squats, push-ups and abdominal curls and planks. You can do some weights to tone the arms. All this can be done at home. And for skincare clean, moisturise and apply a sunscreen and you are ready for the day. Try walking across the office to chat with colleagues, instead of sending an email.

Sleep More

Sufficient sleep helps the people to stay fit and active. Sufficient and sound sleep is necessary for keeping an individual away from fatigue or exertion. Proper sleep in a busy schedule helps the people to become more productive in work.

Shortened sleep cycle gives you more time and opportunity to graze and can also increase our appetites. That’s because there are lower levels of the satiety hormone, leptin, higher levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin in people who are sleep deprived.

Use stairs instead of elevator

Skip the elevators in metro stations and lift in office. Take stairs while going to another platform in metro stations. Using stairs is one of the best exercises to stay fit in your busy schedule. It will help you to building your muscles and burning extra calories which you were taken in your meal. Using stairs help us to reduce cardio risk by more than 30%. It also helps to control weight. Seven minutes stairs climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years.

If you don’t have enough time for gym in your busy schedule you can do your daily household chores for keeping fit your body. You can go to the market without using any type of vehicles. You can also use bicycles and it helps in keeping you fit and fine.

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