Three Popular Shapewear of All Time

Body shapers can work miracles on your body when you wear them. Control your body fat to a perfectly shaped body, by amazing shapewear. Every woman should have appropriate shapewear in their closet to look stunning for every special occasion. A lot of people dream to have a perfect figure like your favourite celebrities; you would feel surprised to know that many celebrities wear shapewear to make your eyes wide open with their sexy figure. Shapewear aids you in getting amazing looks by hiding your body layers which make you look fat and out of shape. You must like to know the tips as to how can you choose the best ultralight shapewear for yourself. Here are a few tips for you before you go shopping for shapewear.

Fitting is Important – The crucial aspect while selecting shapewear is the appropriate fit on your body. Before you go out to buy them, you must know your recent body measurements. You should not force yourself to a smaller size to get noticeable layers and bumps in your looks. A reputable store helps you to find the correct size and shapewear according to your body dimensions and type.

Managing, your Expectations – Every female likes to look sexy with a perfect figure. One cannot expect from body shaper to make you fit into the dress two sizes smaller than your actual size. Shapewear makes you look sleek in a dress of your size by giving your waistline a firmness and keeping it sleek as possible. So, you should only anticipate want you can get from shapewear instead making high hopes and feel disappointed later.

Try Before Purchasing – It is essential to try shapewear before you purchase it. If you get a chance to try under the dress or outfit you are planning to wear for the special occasion that would give you the idea how would you look on that particular day. Try to work different postures with shapewear on as to know it would be able to fit and stay flexible in every position for you.

You may still wander in confusion which brand or what type of shapewear to choose from vast varieties of them available in the markets for you. Not to worry, we have worked out top three shapewear prevailing in the Australian market for you over the years and till date. These brands are most loved and have gained the trust of millions of women in Australia.

Top Three Shapewear in Australia

1. Bendon Seamfree Convertible Shapewear (Control Slip) – It is a slip style shapewear from a reputable brand ruling the charts over the years in Australia. The comfortable shapewear is ideal for your everyday wear or occasionally wearing. It will suit every shape of the body and leaves you with good looks you want. The Convertible Slip is made of high-quality nylon fabric to sculpt out your body shape, and elastic provides you with a smooth silhouette. You get four-ways of styling with its convertible strap. Wear the shapewear regular like a slip, go strapless for dresses with style, halter neck style to flaunt your shoulders, and cross back to add elegance to your dresses. It will make your belly look flat with giving a perfect curve in your waistline and hips. Slip style provides support to your breasts which offers you a choice to wear it without a bra. You will not get any side seams, ensuring a soothing silhouette. You can get clear style bra straps to make your dress look neat and tidy.

2. Nancy Ganz High Waist Brief Shapewear – Speaking of shapewear, Nancy Ganz is a brand come to every woman’s mind in Australia. They have a classy range of shapewear to help you find the right one for yourself. You may get basic shapewear to lingerie-style, to match your requirements. A high waist brief with excellent detailing is the underwear- style shapewear you would need to make you look marvellous on a wedding day or a party wear gowns. The new range of decadence high waist style briefs shapewear makes your belly flat and serve stylish lingerie wear. Made of special flock technology, makes it soft, provides you with comfort, and uniform finishes in your waist area. The stylish brief shapewear made of high-end nylon and spandex material to add perfect style and shape to your body curves. The flock technology makes your shapewear stay firm during your wear and makes your belly look amazing. It will keep your waistline in perfect shape and adjust your belly to bring out the shape in it.

3. Global Bras N Thing’s Sonnet Bodysuit – Company Global Bras and Things is one of the famous brand names in fashionable lingerie, and female apparel wears. It has over 172 stores in Australia and New Zealand. The company has thousands of sportswear, nightwear, beachwear, and shapewear that offers comfort and style in a great combination. The designers of brand work hard in every collection to come up with stylish and fresh designs to make a place in every female’s wardrobe. The body sonnet shapewear comes with a re-enforced panel in the front to give your tummy shape and provide your torso with smooth, and uniform silhouette under your slim-fit dresses or outfits. You get detachable straps to make a perfect match for every kind of apparel. Contour shape cup to get round shape with the natural style of your busts. A seamless bikini bottom from free cut microfibres in the shapewear. It gives your butts a proper shape. Bodysuit comes with soft, stretchable fabric made of polyamide, polypropylene, and elastic.
Hope the article answered all your doubts and queries you had while opting for shapewear and selecting an appropriate one for yourself. Shapewear acts a boon if selected correctly and in an accurate size to suit your body shape. Looking stunning and hiding your body lumps to get fabulous shape in a dress you want is what every woman dies to have. When you get shapewear to help you in making you slim and sexy is an outstanding object for women. So, go and get your ideal shapewear and get ready to get a hot and perfect figure which have been dreaming for over the years.

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